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Saltpond Education Project – Swimming Lessons in Ghana

I wanted to start by thanking you for your generous contribution to fund swimming lessons for our students. The funding is already making a real difference.

To date, the first group have just completed their lessons, and they’ve made really great progress in the pool. During the initial lessons in February, it was clear that very few of the students could swim at all, and many found it distressing to be in the water. After just over 4 months, 100% of the students are totally comfortable in the water, and most are able to swim unaided. However, not only have they learnt to swim, but they’ve loved every minute of being in the pool. unlike here in the UK where attending a weekly swimming lesson might seem like a bit of a chore, in Ghana the kids relish being able to get in the water and have some fun while learning. It’s a break from the norm, and a chance to participate in an activity that very few people get to do.