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Outdoor Activities for Inner City Kids

Bude October Trip: an opportunity for young inner city kids to have a taste of being out of the city for a week, doing a range of activities – principally kayak surfing but also including the opportunity to surf, do nature walks, cook their own meals and learn about planning and organisation of the trip.

Most of these young people have never been outside London and could not afford such trips away but, with Whirlwind’s funding, we can substantially subsidise the trip to make it affordable to all.

Narrowboat Residential Trip: primarily for the younger members of our club who haven’t yet acquired the skills to go on our more adventurous October trip. On the narrowboat the participants will work as a team, go on nature walks to learn about the environment, and learn how to cook. For many of them, this will be their first time away from home without their parents. Whirlwind’s funding will contribute to the development of these children and their ability to do things independently.