The Whirlwind Charitable Trust is a comparatively small grant-making charity and the scope of our donations is necessarily limited. We hope to build long term relationships with organisations that can deliver against our agenda in an efficient, cost-effective manner with a strong emphasis on “making a difference” in the lives of individuals.

To “make a difference” means more than providing these individuals with a special experience, however challenging or rewarding. We favour applications that provide such experiences within the context of longer term contact, relationships or mentoring – with the clear objective of helping the transition from a challenging background to becoming a fulfilled and successful member of society.

Whirlwind will only consider applications consistent with the charity’s Equality Policy.  All must be open to participants regardless of faith, social background, and race.

We look most favourably on applications that can demonstrate:
  • Involvement in maritime or outdoor pursuits and a level of challenge appropriate to the circumstances of the individuals involved.
  • Longer term contact, mentoring and support for those individuals.
  • The fullest utilisation of capital assets.
  • Modest organisational overheads and employee salaries.
  • A high percentage of volunteer help.
  • Donations focused on delivery rather than general overheads.
  • A competitive day/person cost for the activities envisaged.
  • Access for people who could not normally participate.
  • An aim to give “at risk” individuals a fresh, constructive focus so that they can fulfil their own potential and make a positive contribution to society.
  • A positive educational element, particularly with regard to the environment..
  • A high standard of service efficiency in their dealings with Whirlwind.

Whirlwind also seeks to support research and conservation initiatives for the maritime environment.  We will very occasionally support highly deserving cases from a wider remit.